One Data Science a Day

Welcome to One Data Science a Day! This page is home to my current obsession, where I will do one data science a day for 30 days, and write about it.

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    What kind of unit is 'one data science'

    Honestly I don't know. The plan was to work on one data science-related concept every day. As you're about to see, it didn't quite work out that way.

    Why would you do this

    I've been interested in data science for a long time! (My Twitter bio has contained the words "data scientist wannabe" since at least 2015.)

    Also, I like to write things, but I haven't really been doing that all too often. I'm trying to being more prolific with both my data science practice and my writing, and this seems like an ok way to do it.

    I might also try to drink less during these 30 days or something, but let's not get too crazy.

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Read Day Nineteen on collaborative filtering

Looking back at it, this was when it became clear that this project was going to be more "One Deep Learning a Day" than "One Data Science a Day".

What's the difference? I find it useful to think of:

  • Data Science as a field where we try to solve data-related problems using computer science techniques*
  • Machine Learning as a data science specialization where we try to get the computers to solve those problems on their own
  • Deep Learning as a machine learning technique where the way the computers solve those problems is by using neural networks

* There's some debate about whether data science is meaningfully different from statistics but I think bringing computer science into it helps us split that baby.

And this was I realized that all I wanted to do was finish the Fast AI course, which was turning out to be much, much harder than I'd anticipated. Almost two months after starting, I'd barely finished Lesson 2... And my posts were ballooning in size and complexity.