Hi! My name is Ian.

This is a space where I write about the things that interest me, and occasionally myself.

By day I work on growth marketing at companies like @MuleSoft, @salesforce, @getbase, and @MaGICCyberjaya. The rest of the time you’ll probably find me doing one of the following:

Convincing my friends to work on nights and weekends

Sometimes known as entrepreneurship

Leigh & Taylor

Frustrated with the options out there, we built a better bag. The Charleigh is practical, ethical, affordable, and designed for work and play.

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A Different Way to Date

Because dating in KL is just so… Boring. We felt like our friends deserved better, so we came up with a different way to date.

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Regenerating random numbers until I get what I want

Sometimes known as data science

Collaborative Filtering, Explained

Where we learn about collaborative filtering, a technique for building the type of recommender systems used by Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify.

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Gradient Descent, Explained

Where we explore gradient descent, the algorithm that helps neural networks find truth in the world. This one is interactive.

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Copying and pasting from Stack Overflow

Sometimes known as software engineering

Personalized Images at Scale

SDRs put a lot of work into outbound messaging to capture the attention of prospects. What if they could... Not do that work?

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Frictionless Demo for Base

We want the people who want product demos to fill out forms. The people who want product demos don't want to fill out forms.

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I grew up in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, though over the last eight years I’ve taken turns calling Columbus, Chicago, and San Francisco home.

Sometimes, I dance.

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