๐Ÿงถ Things I'm thinking about

If you're thinking about any of these things, I'd love to hear from you. I have a couple of friends in these spaces, but really, the more the merrier.

Inclusive organizations

I work on the digital marketing team at MuleSoft and its parent company, Salesforce. Something I've been thinking about and working on a lot lately is how to build systems and cultures in which people from underrepresented backgrounds can be successful. It's clear that our team, our company, and our industry has a long way to go. Our generation didn't start these inequities. But we can make sure we don't pass them on.


Inspired by this PPE rave suit and this (Zelda?) mask, I've been thinking about and working on ideas for making PPE, suddenly a integral part of our lives, more fun and expressive. So far I've figured out to sew masks and program LEDs (below), but what I really want to build is a mask with a display panel that can convey facial expressions, and/or a fishbowl helmet that's both safe and practical.

๐ŸŒ€ Things I've worked on

Usually when I should have been working on something else.

Leigh & Taylor

A friend and I started an eCommerce store. Today, we're successfully sold out of our product, but this was much, much harder than we expected.

Frustrated with existing options, we built a better bag. The Charleigh is ethical, affordable, and designed for work and play.

Link to Leigh & Taylor
A Different Way to Date

My friends and I organized a series of speed dating events. It was a ton of fun, a bunch of people ended up going out afterwards, and two of them even stayed together for almost two years.

Because dating in KL is just so... Boring. Our single friends deserved better, so we came up with a different way to date.

Link to A Different Way to Date

๐ŸŒˆ Some dancing

All team things right now, but I've been getting back into freestyle and should have some freestyle things to show soon.

INQ and Full Out Studios

I dance on a team called INQ. These days, INQ meets on Zoom, but we used to meet at Full Out Studios in West Oakland. The studio does outdoor classes now, but is still having a hard time financially. Full Out has been my home for years, and means the world to me. If you're reading this, please consider contributing to the studio's GoFundMe. Here's an INQ set I'm particularly proud of:

Project M

I'm an alumni of many teams, most recently Project M. Here's a Project M set I'm particularly proud of:

โœ๏ธ Some writing

Work in progress. I'm currently sorting through and cleaning up a lot of my writing. This site is an oddball collection of content for friends, potential employers, and internet strangers, and this is the section where it really shows.

(2018) Blind. An unfinished story draft about the time I flew to Bangkok on Halloween for a blind date with a stranger.

(2017) One data science per day. Some writing I did about my first attempt to pick up machine learning via an early iteration of the fast.ai course.

(2013) How I got a job in America with no connections. This post actually took off a little when I first wrote it, and once my barista recognized me because of it (!!!)

๐Ÿฅ‘ An offer to help

As a US visa holder I am painfully aware of the role that luck can have on a person's life outcomes. I don't consider my professional life so far to have been a wild success, but I recognize that I am more fortunate than most, so this is my version of Patrick McKenzie's standing invitation: if you think there is any way at all a conversation with me might be able to help your career, I want to hear from you. Here is my resume and my LinkedIn. You will get a much better response rate if you email me than if you try to reach me on LinkedIn.

You can ask me about anything at all, but here are some things I've spoken to people about:

  • How can I get better at (spreadsheets, understanding how companies work, data analysis, storytelling, building a personal website, etc)?
  • How can I get a marketing job in the tech industry?
  • How can I get a data job in the tech industry?
  • My immigration situation is X, what should I do?

Important! I am neither a lawyer nor an immigration expert. I have applied for the H-1B three times, twice successfully and once unsuccessfully. I cannot give you legal advice, but sometimes it helps people to talk to someone who's been through what they're going through.

๐Ÿ‘พ A couple other things

That are hosted on this domain, but should really be broken out at some point.